Tips for Creating Brilliant Descriptive Essays

Tips for Creating Brilliant Descriptive Essays

Though much focus tends to be on the creation of argumentative essays, descriptive essays are a critical component of the student’s academic life. Here, a descriptive essay implies an essay genre which requires the student to describe either an object, place, emotion, person, situation, or phenomena. Descriptive papers encourage students’ ability to generate written accounts of specific experiences. The genre of a descriptive thesis permits a great deal of artistic freedom, in which the student paints a vivid image that is moving in the reader’s mind. The goal of descriptive research papers or essays is to enable the reader to clearly form an impression of the object or event being described. Given the focus on argumentative essays, quality descriptive essays tend to be largely ignored. As such, this article offers some important guidelines for writing a descriptive paper.

Key Considerations for a Strong Descriptive Essays

When writing a descriptive paper, take your time to brainstorm. Here, brainstorming implies creating a picture in the mind of the reading audience by engaging all their five sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. Good descriptive essays are those that can engage all five senses of the reader and are started by jotting down ideas that form the groundwork for the entire paper. For instance, if you are writing a descriptive essay about pizza, you could begin by jotting down few words and descriptive essay ideas like sausage, sauce, hot, melted, pepperoni, spices, and cheese, from which you can compile descriptive lists. To get a sense of how to brainstorm, you could research the various descriptive essay examples available online.

When writing your actual essay, remember to use a clear and concise language in which the words you choose to use have relevance to the descriptive essay topics. Explain to the reader how the object you are describing smelled, sounded, tasted or looked so as to appeal to the senses of the reader of your descriptive essay writing. For the best descriptive essays, your goal should leave the reader with a clear impression by evoking a strong feeling of familiarity and appreciation. To do this, your descriptive essay format must be organized and logically presented to help the reader make cogent sense of what you are trying to accomplish.

In summary, brilliantly writing descriptive essays requires you to:

  • Take time to brainstorm
  • Use a clear and concise language
  • Be organized and logical in your presentation

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