A computer is a valuable tool. Many people use computers every day for many purposes. Think about ways that people use computers. Write an essay for your classmates explaining why you think a computer is a valuable tool.

Opinion Essay/Explanation

I have grown up on a farm, but even in our rural area, I can see ways that technology is being integrated into all areas of life. Computers play a vital role in society, affecting us as much as TV, cars, and electricity. Computers are an important tool because they help us communicate more easily, increase our efficiency, and add convenience to our hectic lives.

To begin, computers have vastly improved daily communication. E-mail has revolutionized the way many people stay in touch. For example, by using e-mail I was able to send a photograph of me, playing football, to my grandmother living away from me. She was thrilled, and that evening she sent me an electronic greeting card with an interactive football game! Also, I can communicate instantly with other friends who are online. Also, my parents don’t get mad at me for tying up the phone to talk with my friends. On the computer, if you can type, you can chat.

Working on a computer helps me create professional-looking reports and letters. I am not a very neat person, so I depend on word processing to help make my work look neat. I can tell that my teachers like it when they don’t have to read my sloppy handwriting. Besides, writing a long essay or a report by hand is extremely tiring. Computers have been a real lifesaver in that department.

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Another wonderful thing about computers is that they can help you get and stay organized. Many kids, adults, and organizations store a lot of information on the computer. I know that my parents keep their tax records on it. When tax time comes along, instead of having to sort through boxes of junk, they have everything they need at their fingertips because they stored it on the computer.

Finally, shopping on the Internet is another great benefit of having a computer. I’ve bought books, music CDs, and gifts on the Internet. It’s so much better than dragging myself around from store to store, lugging shopping bags, and waiting in long lines. Of course, my parents keep an eye on what I buy and how much it costs. They don’t let me shop on the Internet that much, but I love to do it when I can.

I think that computers are marvellous machines and that what they can do is only going to increase. I’ve described here only a few of the ways that computers make a huge difference to me, my family, and my friends right now. Just think about all the other ways computers help people and organizations around the world and about the other benefits they’ll bring in the future!

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