The sonnet title “The Word is Too Much With Us” offers a glimpse of the sonnet theme. The poet in this sonnet tells us about man’s love for money that is hardly useful to his life.

Stanza-wise summary

1. The world is too much ………………………. It moves us not.

In these lines the poet says that man is wasting his powers in earning and spending of money. He does not love and respect nature anymore. Now a days the only purpose of his life is to earn and spend money, as much as he can. Man has lost his ability to enjoy the beauty of nature. The beautiful scenes like moonlight falling on the sea and the blowing of the wind does not attract him. He has completely forgotten the pleasure and joy which he had when he used to respect and love nature.

2. Great God ………………………. his wreathed horn.

The poet is against this attitude of man. He is very unhappy. He prays to God and says to him that he would prefer to become Greek Pagan instead of remaining a Christian after looking at the money-minded attitude of the people of the earth. As a Pagan he would respect and love nature. He would enjoy the beauty of nature. He would watch the grass lands, Proteus, the sea god in Greek mythology rising from the sea and Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite blowing his horn to calm down the angry waves of sea. These scenes would immediately fill his heart with joy.

Summary The World is Too Much With Us

The poet says that the people of this world have become money minded. Their only aim of life is to earn money and then to spend it. They care only to earn lots of money and then to spend it in whatever way they like. In this way, they are wasting away their spiritual powers. They are getting away from nature and are nowadays unable to enjoy the beauty of nature. According to the poet, nature should be very important for their lives. The people have become too money-minded and they do not find beauty and peace in nature. They have given their hearts to the god of wealth which is not good. According to the poet, people have lost their capacity to enjoy the beauty of nature. The beautiful scene of moonlight falling on the surface of the sea does not attract their attention to it. The wind which blows very strongly in the day making a lot of noise but when the night comes it becomes calm and blows lightly. But they do not find these beautiful scenes pleasurable. For us, there is nothing special in these scenes. They have no interest left in those natural scenes. The beauty of nature does not fill their heart with pleasure and joy anymore.

The poet is not at all happy with this attitude of people towards nature. He does not like it. He is very sad. He wants people to respect and love nature. He prays to God that he would like to become a Greek Pagan. As a Pagan, he would worship nature. He will live in nature and will be happier than what he now is. He will also watch the Proteus, the sea god in Greek mythology, rising from the sea. He will also hear the Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, blowing his horn to calm down the angry sea waves. In this respect, the Greek paganism was better than Christianity that has made people money-minded.


Q.3. According to the poet, why can man not enjoy the beauty of nature any more?
Ans. According to the poet, man cannot enjoy the beauty of nature anymore because he gives more importance to money than anything else.

Q.4 What is now the aim of man’s life?
Ans. To earn and spend money as much as possible has become the aim of man’s life.

Q.5 Why does the poet want to be a Pagan?
Ans. The poet wants to be a pagan because then he can live in nature and enjoy its beauty freely.

Q.6 What is that wealth that nature can give to man?
Ans. Nature makes man content, peaceful. Through nature, man learns to be happy.

The World is Too Much With Us: Summary, Appreciation and Questions and Answers


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