How to Write a Compelling College Application Essay

How to Write a Compelling College Application Essay

You have known for months the day would come when you could no longer put off your college application essay and you would have to write. It’s ok that you are nervous, but you really shouldn’t be. A college application essay is your only chance to speak for yourself because your grades, recommendations, and test scores simply speak for you. As a result, you should put a lot of thought and effort into writing your college essay because it will be read and impact whether or not you are admitted. The following tips will help you write a college application that is compelling and certainly will get the admission counselor’s attention.

How to Write a Compelling College Application Essay in Four Easy Steps.

Essay Tip #1

Personal Event Always choose a personal event in your life to write about. It does not matter what the event was, as long as it was profound and had a serious impact on your life. However, since there are so many young students applying for college and many of them have had similar life experiences make sure you focus on the moments that occurred during the event that affected you rather than the event itself. Pinpointing events, your feelings, and the result is the best way to relay the story of your personal event to the admissions counselor. Not to mention when you are telling a personal story, it comes through in the writing.


By following these guidelines you will certainly write a compelling and thought provoking college essay that will make an impression on the college admission counselors reading it. This will help you market yourself in your own words and might very well be the element that tips the admissions scales in your favor. By not following these guidelines your college essay will come off as generic and just like hundreds of other essays received each day. You want your essay to stand out, so make it personal, honest, well organized and focused. Doing this will make your essay something you can be proud of because it is one of a kind and a reflection of your originality.

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