So We’ll Go No More a Roving by George Gordon, Lord Byron

roving – traveling about in search of adventure

Questions and Answers

1. Why does the speaker pledge to not go roving during the night?
The speaker’s pledge is based on his observations that “the sword outwears it sheath, ” “the heart must pause to breathe,” and “the night was made for loving.”

2. What is the tone of the poem?
Though the meter moves the poem along steadily and quickly, the tone is sad and regretful. The poem has a tone of disappointment and almost insincerity, as inferred by the “Yet” in the poem’s last statement.

3. According to the first stanza, what has stayed the same?
The speaker says the heart “is still as loving” and the moon “be still as bright.”

4. The second stanza contrasts with the first, as it describes things that do change. In your own words, what are the things, according to the speaker, that we can expect to change in life?
Answers may vary. Example: The speaker says that the sword will outlive its holder, the soul will outlive its body, the heart must eventually stop, and the passion and intensity of love must at some point come to an end.

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