What we call Kumbha Rashi in English?

In English, Kumba Rashi is called Aquarius. It is the eleventh astrological sign originated from the Aquarius constellation. This zodiac sign symbolises the Water Bearer. Air is its element. The sun and Uranus are rulers of this sign. Aquarius is one of the oldest and most prominent constellations of the 48 constellations that Ptolemy mentioned in the 2nd century. Kumbha is also aligned with Kumbh Mela, which occurs when the planet Brihaspati (Jupiter) shifts to Aquarius.

In the sense of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology, the Kumbha symbolizes the womb. It represents fertility, life, human generative power and sustenance, and is generally associated with devis, especially the Ganga.

Myth About Kumba Rashi or Aquarius

Ganymede, a stunning Phrygian female, is the water carrier depicted by the Zodiac constellation Aquarius. Ganymede was the son of Tros (Lucian said he was also the son of Dardan) and the king of Troy. Ganymede was spotted by Zeus while tending to his father’s flocks in Mount Ida. In the shape of a large bird, the King of Gods fell in love with him and flew up to the mountain and whispered Ganymede away to the heavens. From then the boy has always served the gods as a cupbearer. Ovid has Orpheus sing the tale.

Facts About Kumba Rashi

Duality: Masculine
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed or Static
Ruling Planet: Saturn (god of justice & time)
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Part of the Body: Circulation, Shin & Ankle
Exaltation sign of: None
Debilitation Sign of: None
Determent Sign of: Sun

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