A Planet at Prayer by Joan Hetzer : Summary and Questions

A Planet at Prayer by Joan Hetzer


Discord – Difference, lack of agreement
Hymen – Religious song
Attene – Make understand
De-smog – Make air free from pollution

Summary of A Planet at Prayer by Joan Hetzer

A planet at prayer is a thought provoking poem written by Joan Hetzner. The poet says that God has created a beautiful world for us. He has bestowed us all blessings in the pure form but we have polluted it and made it unfit to live. We have wasted our energy in violence instead of divine call which is for peace and wisdom. The poet says that we have turned this world into a Warfield. Instead of making more and more friends we have made more and more enemies. The poet prayer God to purify our vision so that we will purify our land.

Questions of A Planet at Prayer by Joan Hetzer

Q.1. What are the things that the poet prays for and why?
Ans. The things that the poet prays for are:
a. He prays to God to make the people of this planet understand his harmonies so that the violence could be removed and the songs of peace could be sung by all people.
b. The poet prays to God that war fields can be changed into handshakes , and missiles be changed into messengers of peace so that there will be no war.
c. Finally, he prays to God to give the people understanding so that the natural resources can be properly used to remove the poverty and give food to the starved children.

Q.2. Do you think that there are more pressing things that you would like to pray for?
Ans. Yes, we would like to pray for the betterment of the people, to fight against hunger, poverty , disease and above illiteracy. We need to devote our energy to grow more and more and produce more and more.

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