Host an immersive virtual event that helps the students to understand infrastructure, culture and programs of diverse universities from all across the globe. A Virtual Fair empowers Universities exhibiting at Virtual Education Fair to promote via custom virtual booths. Universities use the highly configurable booths to customize their space and showcase their unique offerings at the Virtual Fair. Open the gates to free-flowing two-way communication between students and university representatives at the Education Fair through chat facilities and webinars to bring about a more engaging interactive experience.Education Fair for agents will also help them to give a better update about the various International education information to students. Keep tracking student feedback to improve and update the event’s content through polls, feedback surveys and questionnaires.

UA Networks presents Virtual Open Fair, an online platform where universities and students directly get connected. There are number of universities booths inside this platform. And the student can visit any university booth of their choice. The university can share their documents, present webinars and even chat publicly or privately with individual students. Students can access information from anywhere, ask questions, engage with benefits and connect directly to Virtual open fair. The students can have direct conversation with the university representatives and get information about various courses and programs offered. As an international educational consultant, VOF helps you to expand in generating and collecting leads from agents locality. UAN will generate a link for agents and agents can market the particular link through any social media and can get the student leads. VOF is a value added service for UAN subscribe agents, all the students attending the virtual open fairs will choose some or the other university through our platform. The biggest advantage the students will be getting is that university representatives will be directly conversing with the students. So it actually makes the agent’s job easy since the university will counsel the student effectively. Through UAN can process the applications and can easily complete the admission process. A Virtual Open Fair is an excellent tool for Overseas student recruiting consultants to get huge number of student leads without spending a fortune on advertisements. Virtual Open Fair brings multiple universities together on a common virtual platform so that students get an opportunity to learn in detail about more than one university in one go and that too without having to worry about unnecessary overheads like travel, accommodation, food, etc.In Open Fairs, you can learn about everything from funding, to accommodation and exploring various study options. Students can have close discussions about post-academic activities like stay back, placements, permanent residence etc. The students get free visa counselling enabling a better Student agent networks. The students can get career guidance from university faculty and also courses offered which can match the student goals.

UA Networks is associated with Virtual Open Fair to help agents get maximum students leads. This platform is compatible globally and supports the student recruitment services. It is not about the number, they care about the student’s enrolment effectiveness of the channel based on success rates and costs.

UAN is an optimum opportunity that serves all the expectations of the agents with minimum risk and high rewards. Commissions, rewards and recognitions, our fully automated ERP software for student recruitment are just the features with UAN, the agents can use to begin with. The contacts, connections and the people they serve values more. Anyone could be literally lured with the essential value additions.

Even UAN does the same for a better good for its patrons. Fortunately for UAN, we ensure that the platform is competent to handle the essential technical demands to keep up the pace and brace the business maneuvers we intend to plough in the long run. In this era of cut throat technological anarchy, it’s turning out to be a knock out series for those businesses who ignore to upgrade or can’t afford to do so. But with UAN, we think both can be subtly tackled. We mitigate the cost of subscription in comparison to the benefits we serve to our patrons. The ability to expand and explore using this vast business opportunities is like an infinite abyss.


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