Undoubtedly, the modern age is the age of electricity. Life without the blessing of electricity would be all drab and dull. Electricity is one of the greatest wonders and blessings of science. It has proved the magic lamp of Alladin for us today. It has practically revolutionized the world. It has proved the basis for human progress and prosperity. The standard of progress of a nation and its industrial advancement is directly related to the quantity of electricity it generates. It is the key component to present-day innovation and without it, a large portion of the things that we utilize each day just couldn’t work, and could never have been made. Our cell phones, our computers, the Internet, our warming frameworks, our TVs, and our electric bulbs – almost everything totally depends on the electricity.

Importance of electricity


The wonders of electricity can be seen everywhere. It has brought about many favourable changes in our life. It lights our homes, offices, villages, towns, and cities. Our food is cooked, clothes are washed utensils cleaned and rooms swept.

In the extremely hot summers when it is suffocating in and out, electric fans refresh us with their cool breeze. During the spell of biting cold in winters the electric heaters warm our rooms to make us comfortable.

Electricity runs our small and big industrial units. These days almost all the mills and factories are run by means of electricity. The advancement in agriculture also owes it‘s essence to electricity. We irrigate our vast lands by electric water pumps. Agriculture-related industries are run by electricity.

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It has also being used in the treatment of many diseases. The electric battery is used to treat nerve diseases. The X-ray and other related detectors help to locate the disease.

In fact, modern society would be extremely different. Imagine how different things without the Internet would be today. The World Wide Web has had an enormous impact on our life. It has made everyone more conscious of the globe in which they reside, and it has enabled them to learn about our environment and learn more about how everything works in modern society. It is our gateway for knowledge and enables us to find out almost anything in a matter of seconds. So electricity has made us an incredibly smart and conscious society.

To conclude, I shall write that the wonders and uses of electricity cannot be counted. Human civilization might coX-ray a sudden halt in the absence of electricity. We need to develop and harness it if the dream of a prosperous world has to be made a reality.

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