Environment includes all the natural surroundings such as the earth‘s atmosphere, pure air, and drinkable water. It also incudes wildlife and other natural resources.

Our earth is the only planet in the universe which has an environment suitable for life. Nature has gifted us everything in its pure form so that it doesn‘t harm us in any way. But man has been polluting the environment in a number of ways in the name of modern advancement and development.

In fact, pollution is one of the most dangerous problems that the modern world is facing. It has affected the whole bio-world. No man, animal, bird, beast, reptile, or insect is safe from its evil influences. It has endangered the entire plant world. It is hanging like a naked sword over our head.

Air pollution is the greatest threat. The whole atmosphere has become poisonous. Man‘s craze for industrialization is the main cause of this trouble. The nuclear experiments have damaged the protective ozone layer beyond repairs. Many respiratory diseases are the direct outcome of air pollution.

Water pollution, too, is spreading at an alarming pace. It is the main cause of many diseases – Jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, etc. Besides man, the whole zoological and botanical world is under the threat of water pollution. The vast spread of water life is terribly facing the threat of water pollution. Many rivers and water bodies are biologically dead.

Soil pollution is not a lesser threat. It is affecting agriculture. Lands have started going barren. It will result in famines and people will starve to death. The earth will be bald and the species will perish.
Noise pollution has deprived us of peace. It had added to our tense life. Many mental diseases – tension, depression, stress, etc. have their roots in noise pollution. It has led to many heart ailments.

We live in environment. We breathe in it and grow within it. So our life depends upon it. It has become the most vital topic of discussion these days. Its prime reason is that it is getting polluted extremely and so affecting our life badly. We must take steps to check this demon of pollution from growing out of control as it is the fruit of our own irresponsible deeds. Either we have to end pollution or pollution is going to end us.

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  1. I think it is moral obligation of every one to contribute something good to the environment. Protection of environment means protection of the life.

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