Essay on True Friendship

Friendship, peculiar boon of Heav’n
The noble mind’s delight and pride,
To men and angels only giv’n
It all lower world denied.

– Samuel Johnson

Real friendship is a gift given by God to men and angels only. It is the sweetest word and the sweetest flower on the earth. It may be defined as a single soul dwelling in two bodies. True friendship is said to be rare in the world. However, this does not mean that all friendship is false.

It is also true that friendship is a product of selfishness or a desire to gain some benefits. Money attracts friends. We find as soon as our purse is full, many so-called friends gather around us but as we fall on evil days they desert us. Therefore it is rightly said that friends are plenty when the purse is full. A miser has no friends. A rich man has the power to purchase friends. Such purchased friends are helpful to a man in his business, in the matter of the promotion to a higher position and in various otherworldly ways. But as soon as these ends are achieved, the ties of friendship are snapped.

But a true friend remains with us through thick and thin. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. He is lasting. Changed circumstances do not change him. Money or self has no place in it. It is absolutely selfless. A true friend is always willing to make sacrifices to help his friend. This kind of friendship adds in the charm of life.

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In politics, there are no permanent friends. There are only permanent interests. In politics friends of today become enemies after some time and enemies of yesterday become friends.
Friendship is made in prosperity and tried in adversity. When a man falls on evil days, his friend usually deserts him. Any friend who does not desert him at that time is his true friend. King Darius was deserted by all his friends when he was in trouble. It is better for him alone and friendless than to be surrounded by false friends.

A true friend is different from an admirer. He never hesitates to point out your defects. It is his duty to see that you do not remain ignorant about your faults. He will always be happy if he finds your faults but he will be happier if he could help you remove your defects. Besides friendship should be cultivated with a feeling of love, understanding mutual respect, truthfulness, and sincerity. The props that friendship needs are truth, sincerity, the urge to give and make the other happy.

Essay on Friendship

Essay On My Friendship

I have many friends but Shahid is many best friend. He belongs to a respectable family of Kashmir. Shahid is a very prominent figure in the college. He is all around best student. He is a brilliant writer and an excellent player. He is tall with broad shoulders, fair complexion, and handsome looks. He is beautiful at face and beautiful at heart. Shahid is selfless in his devotion to his friends. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He is not quarrelsome, but if he is forced to pick a quarrel, he is always victorious. He has a terrible love for me. His parents also love me. In my difficulties, I have counted upon his help which he has never hesitated to give. He is very sympathetic and generous towards me. “He had kindness sitting on his face and sympathy sitting in his breast.” His keen sense of duty, honesty, and simple manners are a source of inspiration to me. Such a friend is surely a heavenly gift.

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