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Universal brotherhood is the paramount need of the hour. This poem underlines the same concern of universal brotherhood. The poet tries to emphasize the similarities between the different races. The poet says that, although there are differences in colour, caste or religion, all people share many characteristics that distinguish them from animals.

The poet says everyone has the same body. All men’s bodies breathe, eat, sleep, drink alike. People live the same kind of life everywhere. All people live on the same earth. The same earth feeds all of them. We should, therefore, shun hatred. To hate others is to hate ourselves. People defile the purity of the earth by engaging in wars. The earth is everywhere our own. The poet says nobody is strange and there is no like a foreign land. Love all and hate none is the main theme of the poem.

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 NCERT Solutions of No Men Are Foreign

No Men Are Foreign


It is true that many people tell that they live a peaceful life for a long time. We never follow with their message. We also know that our greed for wealth and power can not give us peaceful lives. But some deep-rooted evils in our society distinguish us from others. We know that people have made all their customs and conventions. God made everyone equal. But for our selfish motives, we make differences between people. We hate even our family members more because of our ego. We’re finally harming ourselves. We are hateful objects for society. People in society dislike selfish people.


Therefore, before we hurt the feeling of others, we should, first of all, consider whether doing this with others is justified by other people or society. We should learn to do something, that is, live like brothers with others. We should learn to tolerate and forgive. Only then our life would only be happy and peaceful.

Sometimes selfish people incite the innocent to harm others. They do it for their selfish purpose. The ordinary person doesn't understand their tricks and begins to hate their fellow human beings. They tell them to provoke riots. The poet says that nobody's advice should be followed without brooding over it. The poet says again and again that there is no difference between them and foreigners. All the people of the world the same.

Everyone is responsible for the war. If we begin to hate our brothers, we will become the cause of tension, and the tension will one day be transformed into war. Therefore, nobody should hate and despise anybody. Our prejudice and impolite behaviour towards other people is the cause of unnecessary wars.

Summary No Men Are Foreign

No Men Are Foreign


The main theme of the poem "No Men are Foreign" is the unity of humankind The poet explains beautifully the shallow differences of colour, race, nationality and religion. He teaches that every single person is our brother or sister. The people who spread scorn and take up arms are hoodlums and have the right to be condemned. The poem vehemently discussed the matchless quality of affection, accord, companionship and friendship among all people in this world.

We are all alike. We have the same structure of the body. For many purposes, we all need air to breathe, sun to get sunlight and warmth and water. Our daily routine is nearly the same, too. In the morning we get up, have a bath, have breakfast and go to work or school. We all long for love. We all sleep at night and wake up in the morning. When we have the same needs and feelings, we should treat everyone equally. We should not look at anyone based on their colour, their caste, their region or their sex. Everyone should be our brother and sister. Sadly, some self-centred people are fighting and trying to hurt others. They believe others have hurt them.

They believe others have hurt them. They are our brothers, too. We should forgive them or compromise with them if they make any mistakes.


"No Men are Foreign" is an appropriate title for the poem because it gives the message of the widespread fraternity. People throughout the world have identical structural and behavioural features. The distinctions on the basis of manmade ideas of caste, ideology, colour and so forth are unnatural. Each individual shares the same blessings. Thus, no individual is a foreigner or an untouchable.

Theme No Men Are Foreign

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4. How does the poet explain that all people are the same?
Ans. The poet says that all live and suffer the same. The human body is the same everywhere. All are aware othe f the sun, the air the and water. All prosper when there is peace. All starve when there is war. War destroys everyone equally.

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