Dystopian Literature and a List of Dystopian Novels

Dystopian Novels Dystopian fiction is a form of science fiction that arose as a reaction to dystopian fiction. A dystopia is a dehumanising and frightening imaginary community or society. A dystopia is an antonym of a utopia, which is described as a perfect society. The word dystopia is derived from the word utopia. The English…

Characteristics of Metaphysical Poets

Characteristics of Metaphysical Poets Metaphysical poets belonged to the 17th century. The works of the metaphysical poets are marked by philosophical exploration, colloquial diction, ingenious conceits, irony and metrically flexible lines. They wrote poems on love, religion and mortality. The metaphysical poets described these topics through unusual comparisons, frequently employing unexpected similies and metaphors in…

Neoclassicism | Meaning, Characteristics and Neoclassical Poets

Meaning The word neoclassicism has been derived from Greek “neos” means “new” and Latin “classicus” means “relating to ancient Greek or Latin principles of the forms of art.” The neoclassicism was a movement against the too much use of individualism and imagination in literature as well as the violation of classical rules and regulations in…


Characteristics of a Short Story

A short story is prose, which is distinct from longer narratives such as epic, novels, and romance. It is essentially concerned with a single effect conveyed in a single episode or scene and involves a limited number of characters. A short story can have even one character and in more avant-garde examples, there need not be even a plot or a character.


Short Story | Origin and Development, Short Story as a Literary Form and Characteristics

What is Short Story? INTRODUCTION Everyone loves a good story. You must have listened to your grandmother’s stories on cold wintry nights and felt happy or sad on hearing it. A story sometimes takes you to a world other than the one that you are living in and you are left fascinated by it. A…

What is Metaphysical Poetry and What Are Its Characteristics?

Metaphysical poetry, a term coined by Samuel Johnson, has its roots in 17th-century England. This type of poetry is witty, ingenious and highly philosophical. Its topics included love, life and existence. Metaphysical poetry used literary elements of similes, metaphors, imagery, paradoxes, conceit, and far-fetched views of reality.

Conceit – Meaning, Types and  Examples in English Literature

Conceit – Meaning, Types and Examples in English Literature

Conceit and Metaphysical Conceit The word ‘conceit’ means ‘a concept or an image’. A conceit in literature is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or an entire poem. A conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of a comparison object by juxtaposing, usurping, and manipulating images and…