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In this section, readers can find lessons regarding grammatopics.

It is the knowledge of grammar that can teach us how to write correctly and speak correctly. Flowery expression or effective expression may not be grammatically correct. So grammar is the root and expression is the fruit. In this section you will find the posts that have been introduced to make the subject more comprehensive and grammar oriented

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable and Uncountable Nouns In this post, I am discussing one of the classifications of nouns. This classification states whether the nouns are ‘countable’ or ‘uncountable’. Countable Nouns: Nouns which can be counted but not measured are called countable nouns. They are also called count nouns, e.g. boy, pen, book,…

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What is Grammar?

Grammar – Definition & Concept Grammar, in simple terms is defined as the rules and regulations that govern or manage the formation of words, phrases, clauses and sentences of any language. When we study these rules for the English language, it is known as English Grammar. Grammar can also be…

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How to Form Passive Voice?

Dear students, in the previous lesson we learnt about the meaning of voice. Today we will discuss the change of choice, that is, how to form passive voice or vice-versa. Let’s start: How to Form Passive? Look at these two sentences: Ali breaks the glass. The glass is broken by…

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