What are the qualities of a good friendship?

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Yasmeena jan asked 2 years ago
What are the qualities of a good friendship?

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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 2 years ago
Qualities of the Best Friend
It is commonly said that “A friend in need in a friend indeed.” A true friends sticks with you through thick and thin. There are people who claim to be your friends.They let you assume that they are your well wishers. They remain with you as soon as your purse is full but when you face evil days they desert you. A true is not like that.

A true friend is like a shield who protects us in the times of grief. They give us the building blocks to learn how to give, love and face the ups and downs of life. The United Nations also acknowledges the value of friendship and proclaims July 30 as the International Day of Friendship, highlighting friendships as a way to resolve gaps and bring more peace to the world. Take a moment to appreciate your friends, both close and far, by exploring the 8 distinguishing characteristics of what being and having a best friend really means.


Your best friend has an extraordinary ability to read your mind before the words come out of your mouth. Only by sharing a glance, both of you know exactly what the other person is thinking.


If you have got a slice of broccoli stuck between your teeth or you are about to make a big life decision, your best friend is there to give you their honest opinion. Although sometimes it might seem a little blunt, or they may even disagree with your decisions, your best friend won’t hide his views – particularly if he thinks it’s in your best interest.


Rolling on the floor, laughing until your stomach hurts, doesn’t happen to everyone. Best friends know just what’s going to cause a belly-aching laugh, and your bestie knows how to tickle your funny bone between personal jokes and mutual experiences.


Your best friend can really know what you’re going through-because they’ve been there before. Or, they actually connect to you on such a deep level that they can understande deeply what you’re feeling.


Giving is something that comes naturally between the best friends, with each person eager to share what they have with each other. True friendship has limits, but abundance is the essential. No tabs are kept on who gives and who receives, allowing a flow of sharing and caring for all of you.


Secrets, doubts and deep feelings are just some of the stuff that you honestly share with your best friend-because you know that what you say stays in the vault. Your best friend is never going to use your private details against you or harm you in any way.


Your best friend thinks you’re great and there to give you a lift when you’re feeling bad. Your best friend, as your personal cheerleader, reminds you of how many wonderful things you have to give the world, always focusing on your positive qualities that make you shine.


Your bestie has your back! No matter the situation, you know that when you need your friend to be there for you, they are present without fail. They stick with you both in joy and sorrows. As James Taylor and Carole King sing: 

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll come running to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there
Yes I will
You’ve got a friend 

smartenglishnotes Staff answered 2 years ago
Three Characteristics of a Good Friend

There are some characteristics to be a good friend, but in my opinion the three most important characteristics I look in a person to choose he/she as a good friend are:

First, be honest. I think this is the first thing you may find in a good friend because when you trust someone, you want that person to be honest and tell the truth all the time.

Another characteristic of being a good friend is, have someone to you can always count with, especially when you more need of that friend, or when you feel sad or in the
bad or good moments. Also, a good friend doesn’t leave you alone when you are in trouble, or when you are passing for the worst moments in your life, they always are there and try to help you.

Finally, appreciation. Your friend always wants the best for you. If he/she really loves you and appreciate you as you love and appreciate him/her, the relationship is going to be long and strong forever, and this friend never is going to do something to hurt you or hurt your feelings. They always want the best for you.

These three are very important examples for me because no always you can find a good friend or a good friend in your life, but it is not impossible too. I don’t have many friends, but the few friends I have had, they have been doing good friends with me since I met them.