Ask a Questionbeauty-poem-by-john-edward-masefield-how-does-the-poet-describe-beautiful-things
Sadeq asked 4 years ago

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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 4 years ago
The is enslaved by the beauty of his beloved. He compares his beloved with all the beautiful bounties created by God but discovers her the most beautiful. The entire poem with the exception of the last line praises the beauties of nature. The last line praises the excellence of the poet’s beloved. He thinks that her melodious voice, her vast eyes, and her pricey curved lips are the loveliest things God has ever shown to him. While the rest of the poem praises nature’s beauty and clarifies its marvels but the last line focuses on the poet’s beloved. 
It suggests that the writer is certain that there is no correlation between his beloved’s magnificence with the rest of the wonders.
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