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Public:The Ghat of the only world 1Abel k chacko asked 10 months ago

Why was Shahid called the centre of perpetual carnival?

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Public:The Ghat of the only world 2SmartEnglishNotes Staff answered 10 months ago

Answer: Shahid Ali was dynamic and handsome personality and seems, by all accounts, to be a noble soul. He was a fine researcher and splendid educator. His students adored and regarded him. He was a significant admirer of good verse, music, garments, food and festivity. Being himself a good poet he always enjoyed the company of poets and writers. His wit, sharpness of tongue and sense of humour were also unique. He was a sharp repartee. He loved social gatherings. It gave him real joy. He often invited people for lunch mostly for friendly conversation. Even his fatal disease did not impede him from doing and enjoying things. He was remarkably bold. Even his life was consumed by his dangerous disease.
He was a limitless source of talk, laughter, food and poetry. All these unique qualities of Shahid made him a focus of perpetual carnival.

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