Dialogue Between Doctor and Patient About Fever in English

Dialogue Between Doctor and Patient About Fever in English

Doctor: Hello, how can I assist you today?

Patient: Hi, I am feeling very unwell. I have a fever and my body is aching.

Doctor: I see. How long have you had the fever?

Patient: It started last night and has continued till now.

Doctor: Have you been taking any medication for it?

Patient: No, I haven’t taken anything yet.

Doctor: Alright. I will check your temperature and other vital signs to determine the best course of action.

(After checking the temperature and other vital signs)

Doctor: Your temperature is 101°F, which is quite high. Based on your symptoms, it appears that you have a viral infection. I would recommend that you rest and take some over-the-counter medication to bring down the fever.

Patient: Thank you, doctor. I will follow your advice.

Doctor: You’re welcome. If your condition does not improve after a few days, come back and see me again.

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