Summary of Sleeping Beauty

In this post, we will summarise and analyse Charles Perrault’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood’ . This 1697 version of the well-known fairytale begins similarly to the story that is still recounted to children today, but then takes a darker turn.


We can deduce from the story that it is a retelling of the same-named fairy tale. Princess Aurora is cursed by the evil witch Maleficient, who predicts that she will die by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. To avert this, the king hides her in the care of three gentlemen who are not overly intelligent.
After being rejected by the royal family, a wicked fairy bestows a curse on a princess that only a prince can remove with the assistance of three good fairies, resulting in a happily ever after for both of them.


The story’s point is the parents’ reaction. They conceal every spindle in the land, knowing she would perish from pricking her finger. By the time the girl sees a spindle, she has lived for an entire 16 years without ever seeing one. Of course, she touches the needle, curious about something new.

A more appropriate answer would have been to sensitise the child to the dangers of spindles. If she had recognised the item and avoided touching the needle, the tragedy might have been avoided. Rather than warning their daughter about the hazards of life, the king and queen behaved fearfully and shielded her from them.

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Contrary to popular belief, this occurs frequently in reality. Parents who shield their children from the world’s issues end up with inquisitive, rebellious, and courageous adolescent offspring. Parents who enforce minimal rules but explain the consequences of foolishness develop trustworthy teenagers. They are already aware of the potential implications of their actions, as their parents have educated them.

This is the story’s moral. The genuine story included a few elements, such as a villain and some fairies, but the tale is all about parenting.


Aurora is the story’s female heroine. She is King Stefan’s and Queen Leah’s daughter. Aurora is a gentle and compassionate creature that was reared by three fairies named Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. She dwells in the wilderness, which is where she meets her true love, the Prince.

Maleficent is a female antagonist who is responsible for Princess Aurora’s curse. She was harsh and had a vested interest in the tiny princess’s disappearance. Aurora is cursed by Maleficent. Aurora will stab her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die, according to Maleficent, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday.

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