Government e-Marketplace ( GeM)

GeM is an acronym for one-stop Government e-Marketplace, which is hosted by DGS&D and is used to acquire common user goods and services. GeM is a dynamic, self-sustaining, and user-friendly portal for government personnel to do procurement.

Public procurement is a critical component of government activity, and reforming public procurement is a significant priority for the current administration. The Government e-Marketplace (GeM – is a bold initiative by the Government with the goal of transforming the way Government Ministries and Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, and other top autonomous entities of the Central Government acquire goods and services.

The Government e-Marketplace originated as a result of proposals given to the Prime Minister in January 2016 by two Groups of Secretaries. Along with restructuring DGS&D, they advocated the establishment of a dedicated e-market for various commodities and services procured or sold by Government/PSUs. Subsequently, in his Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget Speech, the Finance Minister proposed the establishment of a technology-driven platform to facilitate the procurement of products and services by various Government Ministries and organisations.

DGS&D created the GeM portal for procurement of both products and services with technical assistance from the National eGovernance Division (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). The Commerce and Industry Minister opened the portal on 9 August 2016. Procurement on GeM has been approved under the General Financial Rules, which have been amended to reflect the essential modifications in government regulations. At the moment, the GeM POC portal offers about 7400 products in over 150 product categories, as well as the ability to hire transport services. GeM has already completed transactions worth over Rs 140 crore.

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GeM is a completely paperless, cashless, and system-driven electronic marketplace that enables the acquisition of everyday goods and services with a minimum of human interaction.


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