Science is Revered Everywhere

“Life today is governed by Science.” – Nehru

Introduction: Science is the very breath of modern life. It has changed our life. Even the smallest things of our daily use like needles, stoves and clocks are the gifts of science. It has placed magical powers into the hands of man. It is with the help of science that man has more or less conquered the forces of Nature. The wonderful inventions of science like the railway engine, the radio, television, the computer, X-ray sonography etc. have made our life more comfortable.

Means of Transport and Communication: The inventions of quick means of transport like motor cars, railways, trains, ships and aeroplanes have reduced time and distance. It has made the earth smaller. Now we have able to reach at the moon. Telegraph and wireless S.T.D., P.C.O., I.S.D. and internet have helped us to send messages anywhere and talk to friends and relatives face to face.

Means of Entertainment: Now we have a radio, television, computer etc. Today we not only hear what is happening in the world but also see it all live telecast. Internet is a wonderful gift for human beings.

Electricity: The gift of electricity has placed unlimited power into the hands of mankind. It not only runs our factories and mills but also lights our houses and streets. It keeps us cool in summer and hot in winter. It cooks our food. It irrigates our fields. It prints newspapers etc. Modern life is impossible without Electricity.

Medical Science: Wonderful inventions and discoveries have been made in the field of medical science X-ray, Sonography, E.C.G. has helped doctors detect internal diseases of the human body. Dreadful diseases like T.B., Cancer, Leprosy can be cured easily. Surgery, plastic surgery, heart transplantation have become ordinary things.

Agriculture: In the field of agriculture our food production has increased. Machines and fertilizers have increased production. Dame and canals are well developed.

Dark Side of Science: Like a coin, everything has two sides. Science two have a dark side. The weapons like atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, missiles are the most destructive things. It can destroy the world within seconds. We must not forget the results of two World-War. If there is war in future the whole civilization can be destroyed.

Conclusion: “Science is a good servant but a bad master.” Science is really boon not a curse. Weapons like atom bombs can destroy the world but it also produced energy. It depends upon us how to use it.

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