Of Envy by Francis Bacon

The essay is quite valuable psychologically. It is a practical essay that contains a wealth of information regarding the reasons for jealousy and the ways in which one can protect oneself from other people’s envy. Bacon examined in detail the most universal human emotions. Bacon sheds light on human emotions such as envy and jealousy. He asserts that a guy in love or who is jealous of another can have considerable influence. The term ‘envy’ is employed in this article in the sense of ‘jealousy. If the term ‘envy’ refers to the’spirit of imitation,’ it is not a negative emotion; nonetheless, jealousy is a negative emotion that has detrimental implications on both individuals who feel it and those who are its objects. While the envious man may wish to equal the accomplishments of the man he envies, the jealous man wishes to harm the man he envies.

Bacon begins the essay by stating one of his beliefs, namely that feelings of love and envy manifest in the eyes of the person experiencing them, and that when these feelings manifest in the eyes of the person experiencing them, they have a profound effect on the person experiencing them, especially if the objects of these feelings are present in front of the person experiencing these feelings. However, this notion is fairly obscure and may be unfamiliar to the majority of people. Bacon then describes the types of people who are jealous of others, the types of people who become the objects of jealousy, and the distinction between public and private jealousy. Envy is portrayed as an unworthy passion. When a guy of great talent or virtue achieves promotion and development in life, no one feels envy.

Envy or jealousy is a basic human flaw that everyone suffers. Certain individuals become infatuated with this sensation. Perhaps the most essential part of this emotion is revealed at the conclusion of Bacon’s article. He informs us that, of all the emotions, envy is the most persistent and persistent, causing a man to pine or languish. Envy is a horrible emotion for him.

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