Essay on Free Education Should Be Free For Everyone

Free Education Should Be Free For Everyone Essay

In today’s world, education plays an even bigger role in making our world better. Students now increasingly pay money to go to school and learn, so they can be a part of it, too. Sadly, not every student will be able to do this, because most of them do not have the money to go to the schools they want and to keep studying. When it comes to education, there should be no fees or costs for anyone to go to school.

Ethically, it seems unfair that people who have less money are going to miss more opportunities. All people should be able to get the same opportunities in life. If an opportunity is available, it does not mean that the person will get the chance. The chance should not be ruled out, though. It is not always guaranteed that someone who is blind will be able to get a job as an air traffic controller, but that does not mean they should not be able to get one. It may be possible for people who do not have the money for higher education to get a lot of different opportunities because of free education, especially free higher education. Even though these opportunities are not guaranteed, they should not be ruled out by default, which is what happens when some people can not afford to go to school because of money.

Second, free education motivates students to achieve higher levels of achievement. When a student is released of school charges, he literally loves the fact that he does not have to think about them any longer. As a result, he, too, makes an effort to improve his academic performance in order to maximise this opportunity.

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Third, students are not the only ones who benefit from this; society benefits as well. By allowing students to complete their studies, society gains a dependable productive workforce that will help it achieve better achievements. According to data, countries that encourage their students are the most advanced in terms of innovation and output.

When it comes to education, free education can sometimes backfire on pupils. When everything is simple, pupils would find it easy to drop out of school and studies because they did not earn it in the first place.

Students have a tendency to value things based on their difficulty, thus giving them this opportunity will only result in them wasting it. Free education has the potential to reduce teaching quality as well.

Today, most schools rely on student fees to improve their facilities and materials. However, without it, schools will be unable to progress since they will be reliant solely on government funds.

Finally, regardless of income, education should remain accessible to all. This is not only equitable, but it also ensures that countries may prosper and develop in the future with a well-educated workforce.