Pronoun: A pronoun is a word that refers to or substitutes for a noun in a sentence. The term to which the reference is made is referred to as the antecedent. The antecedent makes it apparent who the pronoun is referring to in the sentence. For example,

The boy said that he was tired.

In this example, the pronoun “he” is referring back to the noun (antecedent) “boy.”

20 + Examples of Pronouns in Sentences

I went to the store after work.

You should not go to class if you are sick.

Alex came out with Joe and me.

Melissa really likes him.

That book is mine.

Their shoes are under the bed.

She can handle the situation herself.

We can write the paper ourselves.

You yourself must go to the police station.

These are the books that John was talking about.

Which one of these pens is yours?

Who is that girl?

Who went to the store after work?

Who sings this song?

With whom did Alex go out?

The letter should be addressed to whom?

Liz, who wrote the review, got in trouble

The paper that I wrote last night vanished.

The pizza parlour that is down the street from the college is great.

My mom’s jewellery was stolen, which upset her very much.

Everybody has to take the Writing Proficiency Examination in order to graduate.

We need to help one another survive.

They had remembered each other’s phone numbers.

All of the seniors were excited for graduation.

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