Essay on Waste Management

We live in a society which undeniably produces more trash than any other to date. Think about how many things you throw away in a day, and how many bags of garbage you put outside every week. If you feel like you are taking the trash out every single day, it is probably because you are. Many retail and food items are packaged in an unnecessary amount of paper and plastic. These types of packaging may be designed to protect the product in transit or help the product to maintain longer shelf life, but the amount of waste they produce is remarkable. Many items have unnecessary packaging within unnecessary packaging. This is why modern ecologists are concerned about landfills and waste dumps. We are running out of space to put trash, and things like plastic do not naturally decompose unless they are designed to. This is why recycling and upcycling are so important.

Waste Not, Want Not

You have probably grown up hearing about recycling and the benefits it has for our planet. Now more than ever, being environmentally conscious is very important. Simply throwing away paper, plastic, glass and metal when they can be deconstructed and reused is both extremely wasteful and extremely detrimental to our environment. Most of those things simply do not decompose the way natural materials do, so they just continue to exist in landfills, taking up more and more room. Deforestation is a huge problem in South America and worldwide. By choosing to recycle all paper products that come into your home and making a point to buy only post-consumer recycled paper products, you become part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Glass, plastic and metals can all be melted down and reused to make other things. Consider either reusing your glass, plastic and metal items or recycling them so that they are not taking up landfill space.
Condense Your Waste

Using a trash compactor is one way that you can help to reduce the size of your waste in landfills. A trash compactor takes your garbage and compresses it into a smaller unit which is easy to dispose of and takes up far less room than a standard bag of trash. By condensing the size of the waste that you are sending to landfills, you help decrease the overall mass of the landfill. Overfilled landfills are currently a huge problem, and anything that we can do to reduce the volume and production of waste is very important to the environment.
Protect The Future Today

It is important to many of us that future generations have a functional and inhabitable planet to live on, and that they get to experience clean air and healthy lives. This is one of many reasons why managing our waste, choosing to recycle and upcycling are all important. Doing everything we can to restore the cleanliness of our environment is a gift to future generations, who we hope will be able to experience the unadulterated beauty of our planet.

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