Prefix Claim and Clam

Hello and welcome back to another post. Today we will see words starting with the prefix Claim and Clam.

claim and clam means to shout or speak out or announce. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is not necessary you always get the meaning of an English word using the exact meaning of a prefix, suffix or root word. Just try to find the most relevant meaning and apply that. 

So let’s see today’s words-

Claim and Clam  –  Shout/Speak out/announce

1. Clamor – loud and confused noise.

2. Disclaim – Refuse to acknowledge, renounce

  •      Dis – Negative, absence, removal
  •      Claim – Speak 

  3. Acclaim – Praising enthusiastically and publicly

4. Proclaim – Announce officially, indicate

  •     Pro – forth
  •     Claim – speak out

5. Reclaim – claiming something back.

  •     Re – Again
  •     Claim – speak out

6. Declamation – A rhetoric speech or exercise/speaking bad in an artistic way.

  •     De – down, away, removal
  •     Claim – speak out

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