Adverbs Worksheet ( Solved)

Adverbs Worksheet

Find out the adverbs or adverb phrases in the following sentences

1. He left home in the morning.

2. He asked the same question again.

3. The old beggar sat under a tree.

4. She is old enough to know better.

5. Fortunately, he escaped unhurt.

6. When did you come?

7. Slowly and sadly they laid him down.

8. Where is my cap?

9. This is how they did it.

10. She told us a very interesting story.

11. The patient is much better today.

12. She is too weak to walk.


1. Morning (adverb of time)

2. Again (adverb of frequency)

3. Under a tree (adverb of place)

4. Enough (adverb of degree)

5. Fortunately (adverb of manner)

6. When (adverb of time)

7. Slowly, sadly (adverbs of manner)

8. Where (adverb of place)

9. How (adverb of manner)

10. Very (adverb of degree)

11. Much (adverb of degree)

12. Too (adverb of degree)