My Mother Essay

My mother is the most important person in my life, and I admire her for her patience, compassion, and strength. She is the most influential person in my life. She imparts moral values and ethics to me and shows me the righteous path of life. She loves me to an extent that no one else does. She is, in my opinion, the most lovely person in the entire world.

My mother reminds me of freshly made breads all the time. The feeling is warm and fragrant. And I can’t help but feel like a newborn infant. Despite this, my feelings for my mother fluctuate. She’s like a rose, tough yet lovely all at the same time. She teaches me everything she knows at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate manner, developing me to be a mature, wise, and strong-willed girl.

As I grew up, I became fascinated with childbearing. I learnt from novels and movies that the process was excruciatingly painful. Then I asked my mother if she had any pains when giving birth to me. With blinking eyes, she went a cute red and answered, ‘not at all.’ She informed me that she was prepared to go through the hardships to have a beautiful daughter like me. I was so moved that I’ll never forget her soft, loving face.

My mother teaches at a vocational high school, which I didn’t want to tell anyone when I was younger because she is more of a caretaker for those so-called bad students than a professional English teacher. However, her enthusiasm for her teaching job persuaded me to reconsider. Students at her school frequently miss classes, become addicted to the Internet, and argue with their parents and teachers. I can’t comprehend how my mother handles them, especially as the principal in charge of roughly 40 children. Surprisingly, those pupils respect my mother so much that they refer to her as Mother Fan, which I envy. They often visit our home and sometimes bring her flowers after graduation.

My mother is also of super help when I encounter problems. I recall experiencing nightmares when I was a child. She would go to my room, no matter how late it was, and hold me tight until I was safe and sound again. She maintained in touch with my teachers when I was in school. When I had academic difficulties, Mom never chastised me, but instead encouraged me to believe that if I worked hard enough, I might succeed. She’s also a fantastic cook. She looks after me with tremendous patience and prepares a variety of dishes for me every day.

My mother is very thrifty in life. However, she is never mean when it comes to me. She is also extremely far-sighted, sending me to participate in summer camps when I entered secondary school, which made me very independent. She always gives me constructive advice when necessary.

I love my mother very much and pray to the Almighty to always bless her with good health and happiness.

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