Introduction and Question Answers of Poem “To Sleep”

The poem “To Sleep” is written by William Wordsworth. In this poem, poet tells us about the importance of sleep in our lives. The poet is often unable to sleep at night. The sleep does not come to him. The post describes the beauty of several things around us but he feels that sleep is mother of fresh thought and joyful health. So, poet requests sleep to come to him so that he feels refreshed and enjoy the beauty of things around him. This post will provide you with JKBOSE Textbook Solutions of the poem.

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Reading Is Fun

A) Answer the following questions:
1. To whom, is the poem addressed?
Ans. The poem is addressed to sleep.
2. What does the speaker want?
Ans. The speaker of the poem wants to sleep because he is lying sleepless for 2-3 nights.
3. How many sleepless nights did the speaker have?
Ans. The speaker has three sleepless nights.

4. What will the speaker hear in the morning?
Ans. The speaker will hear the melodies of birds from his orchard and first melancholy cry of cuckoo.

5. What are the qualities of sleep that the poet appreciates?
Ans. The poet appreciates sleep as mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health.

B) Say whether the following statements are True or False:
a. A flock of sheep hurriedly passes by. (False)
b. The speaker has sweet dreams. (False)
c. The speaker will hear the first cuckoo’s melancholy cry in the morning. (True)
d. The speaker has three sleepless nights. (True)
e. The speaker calls sleep dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health. (True)
f. The poem is about the necessity of sleep. (True)

Language Work

A. Find the rhyming words in the poem:

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Answers only

Bees – Seas, Sky – Lie, Melodies – Trees, Lay – Day, Wealth – Health, Stealth – Wealth.

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