Essay on Career Goals in English for Students

Career Goals Essay

Everybody wants to be successful in their respective careers but not everyone has the game plan to become a true success. Perhaps all those who work hard have some kind of goal in mind but these may not be clear and well-defined enough to actually help in achieving a particular goal.

The first thing that should come to mind when it comes to setting your own goals for your own career is to make it clear and specific. It may be a broad career goal but you must be able to really identify with it in order to have a standing chance of achieving it. One’s goal may relate to his/her feelings toward a particular job and so he/she must know what specific feeling he/she wants from his /her job. If he wants a feeling of accomplishment of being able to perform multiple tasks every single day, then this feeling should be embedded in his/her mind. A career goal could also be specific like achieving manager status in 10 years or reaching a specific sales target in a pre-determined period. In this way, one will be able to create a clear path to achieving this particular goal.

Goals should also be realistic. Each working employee must realize that in order to achieve a certain goal, he/she must know where his strengths and weaknesses come into the picture. With an employee’s qualifications and abilities, every person must assess if he/she indeed is capable of reaching his/her goal. Resources must also be taken into consideration if these are enough towards getting that promotion or being able to wow bosses and superiors. By being in connection with the real world, one will also have better chances of realizing his/her own career goals. Each employee must also question him/herself if a particular goal can really be achieved with his/her planned actions and at a set time period. By doing so, he/she will be able to adjust career plans and learn more lessons along the way.