Tree By Tina Morris

Summary: The poem Tree by Tina Morris deals with the importance of trees. The poet shares her anguish if there is no tree, no charm and life will be experienced. She shows her debt to trees. No life, in general, can be experienced without trees. We will be unable to hear the whispering of leaves if they get dry. The poet tries to recreate a tree with paint and brush or with plastic materials but in vain. She is unable to realize the freshness of trees through artificial efforts. Collecting paints and brush or plastic materials to paint or make a tree are all like waste material. At last, she tells that an artificial tree is no match to a real one.

Questions and Answers

Answer each of the questions given below in one complete sentence:

1. What will be the result if the trees are not taken care of?
Answer: If the trees are not taken care of, there will be no charm in human life.

2. What will happen if the trees get dry?
Answer: There will be no whispering of leaves if the trees get dry.

3. Who does the poet mean by “they” in the first line of the poem Tree?
Answer: The poet means to say the people in general.

4. How do the trees sing?
Answer: When a gentle wind blows, the leaves of trees start making a soft rustling sound so this whispering sound is supposed that the trees are singing.

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