Silence is Gold

People by nature speak. They speak when they need to be understood and speak when they are misunderstood. They speak to explain and they speak when they seek explanation. But words need to be used with a lot of thought. They need to emerge after deep reflection. Words that are well-chosen and spoken with care serve the purpose for which they are meant. Silence, however, goes a step further. The total absence of words creates an impact even the choicest of words fail to create. Enlightened souls practise silence as a form of devotion and meditation. Mahatma Gandhi practised silence when he was on fasts, not only to conserve his energy, but also to enhance its impact. In order to convey something effectively, sometimes the best thing to do is to remain silent. Your silence will have an impact on others that your words might fail to make. When you think that you are about to enter into a heated argument with someone, it is best for you to remain silent because it will not only save you from a confrontation, but also help you analyse that the there is no point in having the argument. Hence, it is said that silence is golden.

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