Write a short note on online education system during COVID-19.

Ask a QuestionCategory: Writing Skills QuestionWrite a short note on online education system during COVID-19.
Fayaz asked 2 years ago

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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 2 years ago
Covid -19 has posed before us many challenges. It almost suffered every aspect of life. Education system remained no except. Schools were closed not only in India but allover the world to save the precious lives of people. The adage “necessity is the mother of invention” springs to mind. It was important to figure out solutions to the existing educational system in order to reimburse students for the damages suffered as a result of school closures. The online education system came to our assistance. The popularity of online classes grew swiftly. It was made alternative all over India. Subjects were taught remotely by teachers. Many apps and softwares were created for the pupose. A limitless no of youtube channels were also created which made students learn things at their homes with their own ease and comfort. Now google classrooms and other such websites where students are given assignments and assessment tests are used largely. Self-instructional material is also prepared and distributed online among students . Although it is true that the online education system supports our students, it still has drawbacks that must be considered for change. The financial resources required for an online system are not open to all students. A substantial number of students come from low-income backgrounds. They can’t even afford to recharge their smartphones because the internet packs are too costly. The government must make attempts to ensure that every student has access to the online education system.