What is the summary of the poem a thing of beauty?

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Mohammad Afzalsmartenglishnotes
Staff asked 1 month ago
What is the summary of the poem a thing of beauty?
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Mohammad Afzalsmartenglishnotes Staff answered 1 month ago
‘A Thing of Beauty is a poem adapted from John Keats’ famous poem “Endymion – a poetic romance.” A beautiful thing, according to the poet, is a source of everlasting joy. It has an everlasting charm that never fades.
Its attractiveness grows with the passage of time and its impact never fades away. It is as pleasant as a cool quiet bower or sound sleep with sweet dreams; or robust health and mental peace. It provides the beholder with a haven of tranquility and solace.

It is the beauty of nature that keeps us attached to this earth. Every morning we collect fresh lovely flowers and prepare garlands. The fascination for flowers is our bonding with the earth. It helps us steer clear of despondency and disappointments. We forget all our despair, of acute shortage of noble souls, of misfortunes that overtake us to test our forbearance. Life is full of trials and tribulations and we often find ourselves in the midst of gloom. It is at such depressing moments that a sight full of beauty dispels the pall of sadness from our spirits making room for hope and optimism.

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