What is clickbait?

What is clickbait? 1Aadin asked 7 months ago
What is clickbait?

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Mohammad Afzalsmartenglishnotes Staff answered 7 months ago
Click, you know, on the mouse, you click. Bait, this word, bait, if any of you have ever gone fishing, okay, you have your rod and you have your line and at the end of your line, you have your hook. If you throw this into the water, the fish won’t come. They won’t care, you know, it’s just a piece of metal. But if you put a worm on the hook, or a piece of bread, or another little fish, then other bigger fish will come and bite it. So, that’s the bait. The stuff you put on the hook to attract the fish is called the bait. So, clickbait headlines, very powerful headlines or pictures that really, all these people want is for you to click on them. The more you click, the more money they get. The more visitors to their site they get, the more advertising money they get, so be careful about clickbait. It’s very, very tempting. Now, I personally have clicked many things that were just clickbait because you can’t help it, they’re so attractive, you go to them, you click, and then ah, clickbait! And then you’ve wasted your time.