What does Edgar Allan Poe’s poem alone mean?

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Zayan asked 2 years ago
What does Edgar Allan Poe’s poem alone mean?

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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 2 years ago
The poem is basically a flashback of an adult narrator looking back at his childhood.It also illustrates how the experiences of his childhood have affected his life. The tone of the poem is gloomy and dark, reinforced by such words as sorrow, alone, stormy, thunder, and demon.

Poe speaks about his uniqueness. Unfortunately, he was never able to fit in and found himself melancholy throughout his childhood. In his relationships, he was often left out. The purpose of the poem is psychologically sound if it is true that it helps to write out what the person feels is wrong in his life. Whether it helped Poe or not, the reader is better able to understand the mystery of why Poe was miserable in his life and he wrote about the subject of loss and unhappiness.

The poem “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe was not published during his lifetime. It was not until 1875 that the poem was verified as being an authentic Poe poem written in 1830 when Poe was only twenty-one.