Summary of Ode to Simplicity.

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Ode to Simplicity is one of the finest poems of William Collins included in his collection “Odes on Several Descriptive and Allegorical Subjects”.The central idea of the poem Ode to Simplicity is that we should all lead a simple and humble life without any artificially.

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The poem Ode to Simplicity was written by   Collins, who is one of the transitional poets like Blake, Cowper, etc. They were also called precursors of Romantic poets because they opposed the writing style and themes of Neo classical age and wanted to write for and about humble folks, about nature.

In this poem also, Collins has addressed the simplicity of nature, and is admiring the simplicity, and genuine love of nature. He calls nature as his muse and has personified simplicity.The poet requests her to inspire him in his poetry.

He says that simplicity is dressed not in the loose silken gowns for external decorations but is dressed as a hermit and yet is genuinely beautiful. And more so he wants his poetry to be simple and humble like her so that it could reach the humble folks.