Gulliver in lilliput 1 and 2

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Q.1 Why did Reldresal visit Gulliver?
Ans. Reldresal visited Gulliver to discuss some important matters of the state. They were facing a threat from Blefuscu and it was thought that Gulliver would be of some help for the empire.
Q.2 How did Gulliver receive Reldresal?
Ans. Gulliver welcomed him with honour. Gulliver offered Reldresal to lie down so that he could conveniently speak to him, but he preferred that Gulliver should hold him in his hand.

Q.3 What were the two political parties in Lilliput? What was their difference?
Ans. The two political parties in Lilliput were the High Heels and the Low Heels. There difference laid in the type of heels they use to their shoes. The High put on shoes with the high heel while the Low Heels wore the shoes with low heel.

Q.4 Why was the government in the hands of the Low Heels though they were less numerous than the High Heels?
Ans.Though the Low Heels were less numerous than the High Heels the government was in their hands because the emperor of the state was in favour of the Low Heels.

Q.5 What was the external danger that the country had to face?
Ans.The external danger that the country was fearing an invasion from Blefuscu which according to Lilliputians was the other great empire of the universe.

Q.6 What was the question of religious principle that gave rise to the war between Lilliput and Blefuscu?
Ans. The religious question was whether one should break an egg at the bigger end or at the smaller end.

Q.7 Why was the ancient way of breaking an egg prohibited in Lilliput?
Ans. The ancient way was prohibited because the present emperor ‘s grandfather, when he was a boy, had cut one of his fingers when breaking an egg at the bigger end. One emperor lost his life and another his crown and 11000 people suffered death. They preferred death to his honour.
Q.8 How did the people take a new law?
Ans. There was bitter opposition to the new law, and there were frequent rebellions on account of it.
Q.9 What was the emperor of Blefuscu’s part in the internal troubles of Lilliput? Ans. When rivalry started in Lilliput over the so-called religious principle, a lot of people lost their lives while others fled to Blefuscu. The emperor of Blefuscu gave them his sympathy and encouragement, thus interfering in the internal affairs of Lilliput. Blefuscu frequently charged the Lilliputian emperor with causing a division in the religion.
Q.10 What was the teaching of their ancient religion about the right way of breaking eggs?
Ans. The teaching of thier ancient religion about the right way of breaking an egg was that their holy book read “All believers shall break their egg at the convenient end”.
Q.11 What in Reldresal’s opinion what was the meaning of the teaching?
Ans. In Reldresal opinion the teaching of the holy book means a person to decide on their own which end would be the convenient one.
Q.12 What did Gulliver promise to do for the emperor?
Ans. Gulliver promises Reldresal that he would defend the honour of the country and that of the emperor like a soldier.