Give a brief character-sketch of The Narrator namely E.R. Braithwaite

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Give a brief character-sketch of The Narrator namely E.R. Braithwaite

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The novel’s narrator is the author himself, E.R. Braithwaite. The novel is based on his real-life experiences, particularly his time in England and his employment as a teacher at Greenslade School after WWII. He worked as an engineer before becoming a teacher and even served in the Royal British Air Force during the war.
Despite his British citizenship, he faces racial discrimination and prejudice as a black man in postwar England. Because of his race, he has difficulty obtaining work and unwillingly accepts a position as a teacher at Greenslade School in London’s East End. The school is well-known for its misbehaving kids, and Braithwaite finds it difficult to manage his class of misbehaving students from the start. Braithwaite tries to remain calm when dealing with them because he is quickly enraged.
Despite the fact that he is not a teacher by trade, Braithwaite is quite astute in his interactions with the kids. He acknowledges that he lacks the expertise of a professional teacher and works hard to enhance his teaching abilities. He quickly learns to be patient and empathetic toward the students, and he finally builds a deep bond with them based on mutual respect. He even attempts to study about their origins in order to comprehend the causes for their actions. Braithwaite is rigorous but sympathetic, and he inspires tremendous changes in his students. He is the ideal example of an excellent teacher since his impact extends far beyond the classroom and he ends up making a significant difference in the lives of his students. He is knowledgeable and sympathetic, and he genuinely cares about his students’ well-being. Braithwaite demonstrates persistence and confidence in his talents by not giving up on his students, and he reaps the benefits of his hard work as he watches with joy the young adults who graduate from his class at the end of the year.