Give a brief character-sketch of Miss Dare.

Ask a QuestionGive a brief character-sketch of Miss Dare.
smartenglishnotes Staff asked 8 months ago
Give a brief character-sketch of Miss Dare.
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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 8 months ago
Miss Pamela Dare is one of Braithwaite’s senior girl students. On the day of the half-yearly report, she and her classmate, Fernman, are picked to present on the subject of Physiology. Miss Dare’s presentation is straightforward but perceptive, whereas Fernman’s presentation is dramatic and hilarious. Fernman succeeds to steal the event with his presentation due to his over-the-top performance. Miss Dare’s report lacks such dramatic components, and she is conscious that because she follows Fernman, she may not gain the same amount of attention from the audience, but she continues to present her report with confidence. She discusses the issues that all of mankind faces in terms of sickness and disease, as well as the benefits of countries exchanging knowledge, counsel, and support. As a result, she speaks intelligently about her studies.