Give a brief character-sketch of Denham.

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smartenglishnotes Staff asked 8 months ago
Give a brief character-sketch of Denham.

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Denham is one of Braithwaite’s classmates. Like everyone else, he dismisses Braithwaite at first and is harsh and contemptuous to him. He is very abrasive and irritable. Denham matures into a mature young man who learns to be courteous of others and takes on responsibility thanks to Braithwaite’s patience and tolerance. This is demonstrated by his capacity to host and manage the Students’ Council report. He addresses the other senior girls as ‘Miss’ when hosting the Students’ Council event, demonstrating that he has matured into a respectable young man. He is a trained boxer who enjoys participating in sports. He is a natural leader who wields power over his peers and is particularly admired by the other lads in the class. This is demonstrated by the support he receives from the other boys in the audience when he criticises the P.T. class. As he presents his report, he is assertive and confident, and he is blunt but respectful in his questioning of the need for the P.T. class. Denham is not just bright and forceful, but also resolute in his dispute with Miss Phillips, despite the fact that Miss Phillips is an authoritative figure.