Character sketch of Sir William Lucas.

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Wajahat Ali asked 2 years ago

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Afzal Sir answered 2 years ago
Sir William Lucas. He is a one-joke character, always talking about “the time I was at St James’s.” He isn’t showing off about his importance; he’s simply excited about what was actually the only exciting thing that ever happened to him. (Similarly, there were ex-servicemen in the 1970s and 1980s who were always talking about their exploits in the Second World War. Nothing of comparable interest had ever happened to them since.) Sir William isn’t a waste of space in the same way that the Hursts are—he seems to be a good father to his children as well as a good neighbour to his fellow local gentry—but he does exemplify the phenomenon of how not needing to work can make life boring. (By contrast, Lady Lucas doesn’t make any particular “point” and isn’t a developed character. She’s only there because Charlotte must have a mother.)