In this section, you will find the amazing short stories that own the power to change your behaviour in a positive direction.

It Used To Be Green Once | Summary and Solved Questions

Patricia Grace, born on August 17,1937, whose real name is Patricia Frances Gunson, is a New Zealand writer who is a towering figure in the rise of Maori fiction. Her works depict the true Maori culture and diversity. Through her writings she showed the world what it is to mean to be a Maori.

Desire Under the Elms Summary, Themes and Characters

O’ Neill’s play Desire Under the Elms is a story about a young woman married to an old man who cements her relationship with her stepson. The play ends with a tragic note—the lady kills her new born in order to prove her love and loyalty to her stepsonlover. The overtone of incest in the play caused much controversy.

The voice of the rain By Walt Whitman – Summary, Analysis and Solved Questions

The voice of the rain By Walt Whitman Summary of the poem In this poem, the poet asks the soft falling raindrops that who she is. It is strange that the rain answers, calling itself the poem of the Earth. The rain says that she cannot be touched and rises up in the form of …

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What is meant by Setting in a story?

Setting Setting refers to the place and time where the events take place. Setting in a narrative always involves two things: time and place. In some stories, the setting is plainly stated for the reader; in others, we have to use clues to make an educated guess about the time/or place of the story. Time …

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Characteristics of a Short Story

A short story is prose, which is distinct from longer narratives such as epic, novels, and romance. It is essentially concerned with a single effect conveyed in a single episode or scene and involves a limited number of characters. A short story can have even one character and in more avant-garde examples, there need not be even a plot or a character.

Elements of a Short Story

Five Elements of Fiction: A story has fi ve basic but important elements. These fi ve components are: Plot, Setting, Character, Point of View, Theme. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow. I. Plot The action that takes place …

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Analysing Short Stories / Novels

Analysing Short Stories / Novels A short story is defined as a brief work of prose fiction and can be analyzed similarly as a novel. Historically, the genesis of short stories can be found in the Bible. Some famous stories include the accounts of Cain and Abel, the Prodigal Son, Ruth, and Judith. A few …

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Gulliver’s Travels: Among the Little People of Lilliput Summary

Gulliver’s Travels: Among the Little People of Lilliput Gulliver’s Teavells is a wonderful story mostly loved by the young children. Gulliver is the lovely character known for his sincerity, bravery and wisdom. This wonderful story is written by Jonathan swift. The story recounts the story of Lemuel Gulliver, an Englishman trained as a surgeon who …

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A Malefactor By Anton Chekov – Summary and Question Answers

A Malefactor is a very short story written by Anton Chekov. Denis Grigoryev, an “ exceedingly lean little peasant in a striped hempen shirt and patched drawers” is brought before the magistrate to stand trial. His crime is that Ivan Semyonovich Akinfov, a railway watchman, saw him engaged in removing a fastening nut from the railway line.

Thank You Ma’am: Summary and Questions Answers

The story “Thank You Ma’am” is about a boy who tries to pick-pocket Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones but she catches him. She takes him back to her house, tells him to wash his face, give him food, some money and most importantly her advice. She teaches/tells him that she wasn’t perfect either in her childhood and doesn’t make it right for Roger to do the same. When the boy leaves he is so grateful and he couldn’t ever mutter a thank you or any thankful gesture of gratitude.

A Hero By R. K. Narayan – Summary and Questions and Answers

A Hero is culled  from a collection of short stories called Malgudi Days. This is a story about a boy who is afraid to sleep alone but is forced to do so by his father. But at the end of the day he emerges as a hero. Apart from sleeping alone he also catches a thief.

Ranga’s Marriage Summary and Questions and Answers

Protagonist Ranga belongs to the village of Hosahalli, situated in the erstwhile Mysore state in South India. There are not many people in the village who speak English. Ranga, the son of the accountant, is lucky enough to have obtained city education. He’s continuing his studies in Bangalore.

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