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Our goal is to provide an online platform to assist students and others as well to discuss each and everything about English language and literature. This site contains study notes, research papers, expositions, articles, writing prompts, biographies and other unified learning material submitted by skilled guests like YOU. If you wish to share your wonderful articles with us and everybody, you are warmly welcome to submit the same provided the article must be unique and without any scraped substance. We will be hugely upbeat to see you the part and parcel of our Learning Community.

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Content Quality Guidelines

Smartenglishnotes.com does not acknowledge articles blindly. We follow a strict set of rules and tenets that every submitter must adhere to before submitting her or his article.

This site accepts only original and quality articles. Before submitting articles, please read CONTENT GUIDELINES as given below:


1. Submit unique articles. Unique articles means you must be the actual writer or owner of the article you to this site.

2. Your article must add some value or benefit to the reader. It mast not contain the matter that is useless or offensive in any manner.You must avoid sharing with us an article that contains hateful content, sexual content, negative survey, racialism or some other unlawful materials.

3. Your article should not be too short. It should not contain less than 400 words. Any article under 400 words may not be accepted.

4. Replication is prohibited. You must not attempt to submit replicated articles from books, magazines or from some other source. In the event that you are found advancing any sort of written falsification on this site, your record and IP address might be prohibited and all your recently submitted articles might be removed from the site.

5. You are not allowed to include any affiliate link or any sort of hyperlink in the body of your articles.

6. Your article must be innovative and inventive. You must ensure that your article should not include the content that is already accessible on the internet.

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Must and Mustn’t

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1. Your language must be correct and clear. Your article must be written in Proper English. It must ensure proper spelling, correct grammar and correct punctuation.

2. Words can work wonders and blunders. You must not fall in the trap of ostentation and affectation but to be direct, simple, brief and lucid.

2. Your article must not have a Private Label Rights (PLR) article or contain Unattributed Content to which the author does not have Exclusive Rights.

3. Your article must not be wholely self-serving or promotional content. However, you can include your name and provide one promotional link with your article provided the article is greatly substantial.

5. Your article must not contain negative content towards any Product, Company, Individual, or Group. However, it does not mean not to be critical.

6. Your article must not be controversial and unlawful.It must not go against the law or any community.

Content Guidelines

Do and Don’ts

7. Your article must not contain obsolete and rehashed substance, or subject matter very similar to the prior submissions.

8. Your article must have good readability. The articles written in intricate and twisted language are not permitted. As said above you must avoid ostentation and affectation.

9. Above all , your article must speak YOU not anybody else. You must give wings to your own thoughts because we want to know you and your style. God Bless You!

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Submit Your knowledge

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