The Thought-Fox by Ted Hughes – Summary and Analysis

The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes Introduction The most of Hughes’ poetic work is inspired by nature, particularly the innocent savagery of animals, which he has been fascinated by since a young age. He frequently wrote about the natural world’s contrasts of beauty and violence. Animals serve as a metaphor for his philosophy of life: … Read more

Holy Thursday (Songs of Experience) – Summary and Analysis

Holy Thursday (Songs of Experience) William Blake’s poem “Holy Thursday” was first published in Songs of Innocence and Experience in 1794. Unlike its companion poem in “Songs of Innocence” (1789), this poem focuses on society as a whole rather than on the London ceremony. Holy Thursday (Text) Is this a holy thing to see, In a rich … Read more

Holy Thursday (Songs of Innocence) by William Blake – Summary, Analysis and Critical Appreciation

Holy Thursday (Songs of Innocence) William Blake’s poem “Holy Thursday” appears in his 1789 collection of poems Songs of Innocence. (Songs of Experience also contains a Holy Thursday poem that contrasts with this song.) The poem describes a ceremony held on Ascension Day, which in England was then known as Holy Thursday, a name that … Read more

Songs of Innocence and Experience – Summary and Analysis

Songs of Innocence and Experience Summary Songs of Innocence, William Blake’s second collection of poetry, was published in 1789. He published it with illustrated plates of his own design, a feat he accomplished by an engraving and illustrating method of his own conception. Blake’s series of Illuminated Books began with the publishing of Songs of … Read more

Summary of The Stone Goddess by Sri Aurobindo

The Stone Goddess – Summary “The Stone Goddess” by Sri Aurobindo is a sonnet. Sri Aurobindo penned this poem after visiting a Kali shrine on the Narmada River. “You stand before a Kali temple beside a sacred river and see what?—a sculpture, a gracious piece of architecture, but in a moment mysteriously, unexpectedly there is … Read more

The Vagabond by  Robert Louis Stevenson – Summary, Analysis & Questions and Answers

The Vagabond by  Robert Louis Stevenson Summary of the poem The poem “The Vagabond” by R. L. Stevenson represents the kind of life the poet would like to live. All the narrator wants is to live a natural existence surrounded by heaven, land, birds, and the river. The poet recounts the carefree existence of a … Read more

Risks Poem by Janet Rand – Summary , Analysis & Questions and Answers

Risks by Janet Rand Janet Rand’s poem Risks is a motivational and inspirational piece. Each action undertaken by humans involves an element of risk: hope may turn to despair, and life may end in death. Risk is an inherent component of existence. We might remark that life is fraught with dangers and that overcoming fear … Read more

The Lotus by Toru Dutt – Summary, Analysis & Questions and Answers

The Lotus by Toru Dutt Detailed Summary of The Lotus “The Lotus” is a gilded Petrarchan sonnet.  It exhibits Toru’s remarkable sensitivity to nature and colour. We come into many instances where we struggle for “positions” that may or may not be legitimate. This poem can be read in such a way that one should … Read more