Choice and Usage of Words For Article Writing

Word choice means the judicious selection of words considering various factors, including meaning, specificity, level, tone, and general audience. The insightful selection of words can make a mediocre writer a better one or transform a dull subject into engaging. The selection of words is paramount for composition, especially the content writing. Picking exact words will enable you to expand the effect on your readers.

The Happy Prince Questions and Answers

This is an interesting story about the statue of a Happy Prince and a little Swallow. The Prince was a sublime statue situated on a tall column high over the city. The idol was plated with fine leaves of gold and he had two brilliant sapphires settled instead of eyes. He had likewise a precious ruby settled in his sword hilt and his heart was made of lead. Every one of these things made the Happy Prince captivating.

My Family Paragraph

My family is a joint and a big family. There are ten members in my family. These include my grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, uncle and aunt and we are two brothers and two sisters. All members of the family live peacefully with one another.