The Happy Prince Questions and Answers

This is an intriguing story about the statue of a Happy Prince and a little Swallow. The Prince was a sublime statue situated on a tall column high over the city. The idol was plated with fine leaves of gold and he had two brilliant sapphires settled instead of eyes. He had likewise a precious ruby settled in his sword hilt and his heart was made of lead. Every one of these things made the Happy Prince captivating.

Cart Driver Questions Answers and Summary

The poem “Cart Driver ” is a wonderful poem written by the Padma Sachdev. The poem talks about the love that a mother has for her children. It is an atmosphere of mystery that creates fear and dread. The bulbul feels the danger of fire in its home (forest) in the poem. To save her fledgelings, she wants to rush to them, but she finds herself unable to move or fly out of fear.

No Men Are Foreign Summary And NCERT Solutions


Universal brotherhood is the paramount need of the hour. This poem underlines the same concern of universal brotherhood. The poet tries to emphasize the similarities between the different races. The poet says that, although there are differences in colour, caste or religion, all people share many characteristics that distinguish them from animals.

The Adventures of Toto: Summary, Question Answers,

The Adventures of Toto: Summary, Question Answers,

The author’s grandfather was a great lover of animals. He had made a zoo at home in which he would keep animals and gave them a lot of care. In his zoo, one could see a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and pet goats. One day he saw a pretty monkey. The monkey was a pet animal of a tonga driver. The tonga driver used to keep the red monkey tied with the feeding trough but it looked extremely tragic there. When the grandfather saw the monkey, he was so fascinated that he purchased the monkey from the tonga driver for a total of five rupees.

To Blossoms | Questions and Answers and Summary

To Blossoms | Questions and Answers and Summary

The poem ” To Blossoms ” tells us that all living things must blur. It’s all transient. People also come into this world, put some energy into it, and finally disappear. Every spirit therefore resembles a flower that sprouts and decorates this planet for some time and then at the end of time fades away. The poem ‘To Blossoms’ reflects this very fate of living beings.

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