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The Tease By Lilian Holmes Summary and Questions and Answers

The poem “The Tease” is a short poem written by Lilian Holmes. The narrator is talking about the wind. It is called a nuance, and she says it teases her in several respects.

A Time To Talk by Robert Frost- Summary and Questions Answers

The poem “A Time To Talk” is a short ten-line poem written by Robert Frost. The poem is more specifically, a snapshot of the lightning-quick moment of decision taken by a field worker. It is more broadly about choosing to stop the seeming perpetual actions of work when approached by a friend who is interested in conversation.

Windows: Summary and Questions and Answers Class 7 English

“Windows” is a great poem written by Wes Magee. It tells about the desires of a school going child.

Going for Water – Summary and Questions Answers

The poem ‘Going for Water’ has been written by a well-known poet Robert Frost. It is about why the people/children had to go very far to find water and where they went. The poem begins with people/children having to cross the fields behind their house to find out if the river is still running as the well outside their door has dried out. The people are quite happy to have an excuse to go outside because it’s a beautiful autumn evening.

Water: The Elixer Of Life By C. V. Raman – Summary and Questions

Humankind has always searched in vain for an imaginary elixir of life, the divine amrita. A draught of this elixir was thought to confer immortality. But Raman feels that the true elixir of life is water. This single liquid can change the entire scene.

Dust of Snow Class 10th Questions Answers and Summary

Summary of Dust of Snow The poem ‘Dust of Snow’ by Robert Frost is simple and short, yet with a deeper and larger meaning. The poet explains how an act as petty or as simple as experiencing snow on one’s body can brighten one’s day. The two agents of nature, the hemlock tree and the …

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Global Warming - Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th 1

Global Warming – Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th

Global Warming Questions And Answers Class 8th The term global warming refers to the general increase in the average temperature of the earth caused by the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, causing changes in climate patterns throughout the globe. SUMMARY OF GLOBAL WARMING Global Warming is one of the major threats to the …

Global Warming – Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th Read More »

Lal Ded: Summary and Questions and Answers Class 7th

INTRODUCTION Lal Ded is a household name in Kashmir. She is a saint and a poet whose Vakhs are sung by almost every women in Kashmir and through Lal Ded Kashmiri languge has got a chance to survive. All her life passed into a legend and along with her verses became a part of local …

Lal Ded: Summary and Questions and Answers Class 7th Read More »

Trees By Joyce Kilmer: Summary and Questions and Answers Class 7th

Trees is a poem beautiful poem in your class written by Joyce Kilmer. The poet wants us to understand the ability and beauty of a tree in this poem. It tells us how the tree can survive with all-natural resources and how it uses God’s blessings for its survival. The tree makes itself and the world so beautiful that nothing can be compared with a tree.

Poets and Pancakes – Summary and Questions and Answers Class 12

This article gives a very good account of the different activities that have taken place in the Gemini Studio and of the different people who have worked in the studio. Gemini Studios is located in southern India in Madras, Gemini Studio was established in 1940 and was founded by Mr S. S. Vasan, known as Boss.

The Pilgrim: Summary, Paraphrase and Question Answers

The poem ‘The Pilgrim’ is an inspiring and thought- provoking poem written by an unknown poet. This poem is about an old man who crosses the chasm in the evening and learns that anyone who comes after him would have to face the same difficulties as he faced while crossing the chasm.So he stops to  build a bridge for an unknown youth traveller who is going to follow the same path after him even though the old man know that he himself never ever have the chance to cross that bridge.

Where The Mind is Without Fear by Rabindranath Tagore|Summary and Questions and Answers

Rabindranath Tagore is one of the best Indian writers. The poem “Where the mind is without fear” was written during the time when India was struggling to free itself from British rule. In this poem, he expresses his love for his country and prays to the Almighty for his well-being. The poem was written in one sentence. Metaphor and personification have been used in different parts of the poem.

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