The Roots of Honour Summary , Explanations and Questions and Answers

In this topic, you will learn about some issues relating to England’s political economy. Ruskin talks about some ethical values, human emotions, the motivating factors of soul as against the dry, mechanical relationships supposed to exist between the master and his subordinates. He also addresses the “justice balance” Therefore, in a political-economic sense based on the ideals of covetousness, Ruskin brings in both human and spiritual perspectives.

Machines and Emotions Summary, Theme and Questions

The writer says that the machines have made the life of their owners comfortable but those of the workers miserable. Machines demand the qualities of regularity, punctuality, and
exactness while there is no scope for the workers to do anything different or new. Their desire to do something is never satisfied and they become rebellious. They find their satisfaction in
world wars. The writer makes some suggestions so as to avoid the possibility of a third world war by making the workers happy.

Ode To Duty Summary and Explanation

Ode to Duty reveals that Wordsworth has a great concern with moral and ethical values and devotion to duty and integrity. The poet believed that following the path of Duty and Morality, one could rise to noble heights of success in his life. ‘Ode to Duty is a landmark in the history of Wordsworth’s mind.His most significant message to humanity is the message of ‘plain living and high thinking’.

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