How to get my pan card as easy way?

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    How to get my pan card as easy way? 2EleanorMarcil

    I need the pan card for the purpose of investing my amount in bank. It is very important for my daughter marriage. I have collected some of loan amount from bank for buying materials and tools for producing the products to sale. I am using my father pan card for collecting that. Bank account is in my father name. So not getting any problem for get that. But now i need to deposit some of my income to bank with my name. I want to pan card for making that process. So please tell me the process and effective sources for apply pan card online. My friend telling some information and guides for applying that. I am using my documents and proofs for submitting the pan card application. How to file the application and what is the important information are needed for applying that. I need verity of information and matters about new pan card.
    What are the details are applicable in my pan card? How many days are needed for processing the full details in my pan card? Please tell me and accessing method for that. I have made some of discussions and effective sources from online. More people are given their suggestions and commends about applying pan card as new. In online way is very easy and good for me. Simple to use and getting assistances also. But i cam getting some confusion for submitting the proofs. How to attach my proofs with pan card application in online. I am new and tell me the process for that. I have received the matters and sources from online website. More websites are available in online for tells about pan card applying. I need some of information and needed details about the pan card applying method. Please help me to track that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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