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You already know how important English skills are to your academic performance. Smart eNotes strives to help you rise to the top of the class, whether in presenting and public speaking skills, reading and writing, and of course preparation for many critical entrance exams like IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL.

We firmly believe that each student is unique and has some beautiful talent in him or her. To groom that very talent, in the present scenario, the students need not only to work hard but to work smart to exceed themselves. Hence, access to learning opportunities and other tools that will take them to the next level must be accessible. There are so many sites but most of them are beating around the bush, that is, they have written or are writing the content that is so intricate and vague that the students do not reach to the point. Moreover, they are not involving the learner but believe in one side traffic. In this way, they spoil the precious time of the students. Keeping the same thing in mind, we have prepared the best site, which we think will be the nitro to race your way to the distant sky.

This site is mainly designed for those who want to learn the art of correct English. The site is divided into many sections. Some sections deal with Grammar and How to Write or Speak Effectively and other sections with written composition, analysis and answering questions etc. It is the knowledge of grammar that can teach us how to write correctly and speak effectively. The flowery expression or effective expression may not be grammatically correct. So, grammar is the root and expression is the fruit. Many new sections have been introduced to make the blog more comprehensive and beneficial. Writing prompts have been given in some sections. These exercises will be very useful for learners. They can easily give wings to their thoughts.

This blog has been prepared to help the adult students in particular and others in general in their studies especially in learning the English language subject. We have tried to provide quality notes that cover almost all the topics of general English language and literature targeting the major linguistic skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Our object isn’t to urge the students to cram the content for exams but to assist them with understanding the concepts and to clear their questions and doubts they are facing. The different sections of the site have been created and notes are written in a manner that can purely help and remove the doubts of the students with the goal that they can excel expectations in their studies.

Learning is the only weapon which opens all the shackles of ignorance and makes life beautiful and meaningful. It not only helps to meet the desired goals of life but also makes us able to serve all the creation on the earth thus blesses us with satisfaction and joy. It is such a glorious thing which make to realize the real purpose of life by broadening our mental horizon and vision. The object of this site is to make available the learning opportunity and the required content for all students in general and to adult students in particular in the manner that it can always make the readers learn something new and useful, that too, in a simple and easy way. The experts and advanced learners can also help us by sending their instructional articles containing their wonderful ideas so that all can benefit and deepen their understanding.

The blog has been created in an attractive way as you can actively participate in the site and ask your questions in Shout Your Question section or you can submit your writing in Submit Your Article section of the site. If you are a skilled writer you can submit your instructional articles so that the learners can get a lot of help. This will not only offer you opportunities to add in your own knowledge and understanding but also encourage others to deepen their understanding and promote their learning. We encourage you to interact and engage with discussions as a way to gather and to share your expertise and experiences. However, you need to know what kinds of things on the site you can and can not write about.

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Thus, the site which was earlier confined to the certain targeted group is now expanded and includes various other useful sections which make the learners interactive and engaging. These new sections include:

Shout Your Question

Submit Your Article

Writing Prompts


Dearest students, it is our firm conviction that you shall find here a lot of help and satisfaction as it ensures the following unique features:
1. The content communicates the points of views pertaining to English skills only and that too in simple and lucid language. It will inevitably help in the development of the language. The intricate jargon is not be used because life tends to be simple.

2. The content has been written or is to be written with a special focus on conceptual learning not encouraging you to cram like a useless congregation of words in a wayward manner. All the content and exercises will boost you in one way or the other. This has been made possible as instructional material has been created in an innovative manner for it involves the learners capacity to apply knowledge, analyse knowledge critically, evaluate knowledge and above all create new things based on the knowledge and instruction.
The site offers you the opportunity to share your understanding and experience with us regarding the enhancement of general English skills.

If you are not skilled enough yet you can send submit your writings for peer review or we are always ready to beat your obstacles.

We also give you writing prompts which can help you to brainstorm your mind and create wonderful stories or essays based on your knowledge and experience.

4. The content counts it that this site is primarily intended to learn the language not to add the knowledge that is its a secondary object. However, you can submit an essay about anything but the primary aim should be language development.

5. We have included a separate section in which you can send your unique articles containing your wonderful ideas. This will not only enhance your linguistic ability and knowledge but also expand your mental horizon tremendously. Simultaneously it will deepen the understanding of everyone who will read it. In addition, it will award you satisfaction and boost your confidence amazingly. So share your knowledge with us and be part of our endeavour.

6. Above all, it is a sincere venture to help one another in learning better things and in a better manner. We wholeheartedly encourage you to send your queries and questions to us or if your expert, answer the questions that other friends send to us. Together we can change the world.

NCERT Solutions

We provide you with the notes in simple and easy language. We do not like to use intricate, bawdy and complicated words. Our answers to the questions, summaries and analysis of both poetry and prose are written in simple language so that the students can easily understand and learn things. We do not want to waste the time of the students in reading and rereading the things. We want the students shall understand things only in one reading and only what they actually desire. All the content is also thoroughly checked and verified by the subject experts.

We are also planning to cover the grammar portion and writing skills in the simplest possible language and manner.

Thus, here you will also learn all aspects of written English and enhance your writing skills in both personal and formal communication.



➡Have a Suggestion?

In the event that you have any question that you want us to answer, at that point don’t hesitate to write to us through email. Further, on finding any mistakes in the content you can make us think about the same by keeping in touch with us. We’d love to hear your criticism and will do our best to address your issues.

Most importantly, your attractive recommendations unavoidably present us worth of billion of joy. It will also give us enormous delight and inspiration.

Is there any topic specifically that you need to learn more about? Would you like to recommend expansion to the site that you think would help other people with their learning? You can write to us the same and with pleasure, we will do the needful.

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We’d love you to join our community and keep in contact all the time. You can do this in various ways.

You can like our Facebook Page. This will guarantee you see our updates in your newsfeed. We routinely post new topics that will help your better comprehension of English syntax. You can also add your email to follow our blog.

➡ How to Search Topic

We are trying to make all things easy for you and enhance our site. we’re focused on helping you find the content you want very easily and quickly.

In case you don’t see the particular topic, you need to learn more about, enter your topic in the search box at the top. You can also use the drop-down menu at the best.

We hope you appreciate the site and have a great time enhancing your English language skills.


We want Smart eNotes to be an active resource for you, which is the reason we have also created some forums as a way for students to interact with and learn from each other’s experiences.

Note: The forums have been disabled for some time:


Note: The above description is the subject to correction and improvement. Your invaluable suggestions are eagerly welcomed. Kindly make us grateful by sending your innovative ideas and invaluable suggestions for further improvement.
Best wishes from Mir Afzal.

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